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Researching Your Own Family History
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Researching family history is fun and rewarding.

Click on the link below to go to the 'National Archives and Records Administration' Web Site.
I found them to be a very valuable source of information when researching the Civil War records and Pension Records of Enoch Wills and John W. Browning as I was able to get their records from NARA.

A great site for Death Records in West Virginia is:
I found many records for my ancestors there, but remember that sometimes a name might be spelled differently.  I was only able to find the record for Van Sarett by looking under Surrett.

Census records are a big help in finding useful information, the 1850 and 1860 records for Wyoming County and Raleigh County were invaluable to me. I was able to obtain years of birth for a number of ancestors, as well as siblings' names.

Research Tips

Some tips about researching a family tree:

Be sure to evaluate the source of your information. Remember, you can't believe everything you read!

Remember, most everyone has two family names: your father's, but also your mother's. Don't feel you must restrict your research to just your paternal family tree.