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On this page I will add some information about different family members and links to the web pages
where I initially found the information that I included in the family history site.
These may include links to sites posted by people who have already researched branches of my tree and to census and marriage records I've located on the web.


My great-grandfather Malone L. "Loney" Sarrett and my great-great-grandfather Van Sanford Sarrett.

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is a photo of Thomas M. Wills taken around 1950.


William Harrison Wills, about 1945.


Helen Marie Lucas and Mary Susan Toney about 1943.


Joe and Helen Wills, about 1950.


Joe R. Wills, US Army, about 1952.

Elisha Sarrett 1st.
Born about 1747 in southern France, he held the title of 'Duke of Mont Sarrett'. He reportedly came to America with the Marquis de Lafayette and fought in the American Revolution. After the American Revolution he went back to France. In 1799 during the Frence Revolution he came to America with his 29 year old son, Elisha 2nd, and they settled in North Carolina.

Elisha Sarrett 2nd.
Born 1770 in southern France. He came to America in 1799 with his father Elisha 1st and settled in N.C.
About 1803 he married Jane Jenkins in Person County, N.C.
He died after 1830.

Click here for more information on Elisha 1st and Elisha 2nd.

John Tinsley Sarrett.
Born 2 Jan. 1806 in Person County, N.C. to Elisha 2nd and Jane Jenkins. On 2 Feb. 1830 he married Nancy Combs and they later moved to Raleigh County, WVa. He died 3 Feb. 1892 and is buried beside Nancy in the Van Sarrett Cemetary in Arnett, WVa .

Click here for more information on John T. Sarrett.

Enoch Berry Wills.
Born 28 Feb. 1832  in Grayson County, VA to Stephen and Mary Wills.
He married Rebecca J. Cook in Raleigh County, Va. (now WVa) on 9 May 1855 and they had 5 children: Victoria in 1857, William in 1858, Mary in 1860, Rosenia in 1862 and Stephen in 1864.
Mary died in 1864, while he was serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. 
He enlisted into the Army on Dec. 1, 1861 as a Private in Co. I, 8th Regiment Va. Infantry (later renamed the 7th WV Cavalry) fighting for the Union and was Honorably Discharged on 1 Aug. 1865.
On 17 Sept. 1865 he married Nancy Laxton in Wyoming County, WVa and they had 4 children: Thomas M. born 24 Aug. 1866, Dialph born 1 March 1868, Lucrecia born 1869 and Juliann born 1871.
On July 5, 1873, at the age of 29, Nancy died from Consumption and was buried at Rock View, Wyoming County, WVa.
He married Zilbia Laxton on 3 Dec. 1875 and they had Phoebe Wills.
He married for the 4th time 2 July 1899 in Wyoming County, WVa to Julia Ann Wyatt.
He died on 24 Sept. 1900, at the age of 68, from Typhoid Fever and was buried at Rock View in Wyoming County, WVa.


Click here for information on the 7th WV Cavalry.

Thomas M. Wills. (Photo at  right)
Born 24 Aug. 1866 to Enoch Wills and Nancy Laxton. He married Nelly Browning in 1888. On 9 May 1890 their son William Harrison Wills (my grandfather) was born.

Mary Susan Toney. (Photo at lower right)
Born in 1873 in Fayette County, WVa to Albert H. Toney and Rhoda J. Davis.
She married Isaac L.Bailey in Raleigh County, WVa on 6 Aug. 1892.
He died in 1943 in Raleigh County, WVa. She died in 1951 in Raleigh County.


William Harrison Wills, 90 years old, in 1980.


Sythia Marie Bailey - Stout and William Robert "Bob" Stout, my grandparents. (about 1975). When my Mother Helen Lucas was less than 2 years old she lost her father Charles. Bob married Marie about a year later and raised mom as his own daughter.


The woman on the left is Nina Wills, wife of William Arnett. Beside her is Elsie Mae and William Harrison, the small boy in front is Joe R. (dad), the girl to their left is their sister Madeline, then their brother Aymer and their great-grandfather Van Sarrett. (about 1930)