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A Brief Family History
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How we all got here...?! That is the question I've asked myself many times. Settling in Massachusetts from West Virginia and starting a family here has made me realize the importance of family and family roots. I wish for my children to know the countries from which their ancestors have traveled to come to this great nation and start new lives.
Their ancesters can be traced back to Ireland, England, France and Holland. Who knows what other countries they have traveled from?
It is also important to know how they made their way in life, what they did to support their families, any military service.
That is the reason I've put so much time and effort into my family tree, Kathy's family tree, and in effect, their family tree. David.

Sample family crest; Actual size=135 pixels wide

List of Surnames

Some of the family names I've found while researching my family tree have included Sarrett from France, Wills from England, Jenkins,Honaker, Browning, Lilly, Solesbury, Jarrell, and Toney. From Kathy's side I've found O'Brien, Butler, McGrale, Downing, Warren, Hurley, and O'Mahoney.